Kick-Start Your E-Commerce Website Sales Within A Week

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The growing world of technology is a driving factor in making the digital arena more accessible to people. One of such advancements has been seen in how people are choosing to shop today. Their busy lifestyles and the corresponding ease of online shopping has shifted customers’ focus from brick and mortar shops to eCommerce stores.

While this contemporary world of shopping has provided great convenience to customers, it has also opened doors for SMEs and larger enterprises that can now use affordable eCommerce SEO services and maximize their potential sales online. In fact, research suggests that global eCommerce sales will rise from USD 3.5 trillion in 2019 to a staggering USD 6.5 trillion in 2022.

This alone shows the potential the eCommerce business market has and why so many enterprises are keen to try their luck in this area. Although it may sound like an easy task to accomplish, setting up an eCommerce business capable of bringing in revenue from sales can be quite difficult. It is why a lot of businesspeople prefer taking assistance from eCommerce SEO specialists who have adequate expertise and experience to help in the establishment of a seamless eCommerce store.

If you don’t have an eCommerce SEO consultant by your side and want to set up your online store by yourself, here are a few tips from experts that will help you kick-start your online sales within a week.

eCommerce SEO consultant

One of the most essential aspects of any eCommerce store is for it to build trust among potential customers online. Without this trust, your potential customers will hesitate in purchasing from your website due to the growing number of scams – customers often don’t receive the products they are promised, are overcharged, or receive damaged products, etc.

There are different ways to develop trust among potential customers and get your online store running without acquiring SEO services for the eCommerce website. Here are a few of them:

Improve Reviews

Due to a customers’ concern regarding the authenticity of a website, the buyer is likely to read up on reviews from your previous consumers. In fact, research suggests that more than 75% of online shoppers are likely to consult online reviews before making a purchase. Since these reviews are authentic, it builds the new user’s trust on your website, which is likely to trigger the purchasing behavior.

A good way to solicit reviews and place them online is to offer your products to a select group of your targeted audience and then take their review. You can also incentivize an honest review of a product – for instance, providing a 10% discount coupon on writing an authentic review of your products.

Integrate Live Chats

Another excellent way to build trust among your potential audience is to make provide them with exceptional customer service. Although this is a broad area that can include numerous aspects throughout the sales funnel, you can start by focusing on areas that are particularly preferred by consumers like interaction through live chats.

Live chats are, in fact, among the most preferred ways of interaction for customers with eCommerce services. So, while determining the UI and UX of your online website, make sure that you have a 24/7 live chat option which allows prospects to get in touch with you with sheer ease and convenience. One of the main reasons why customers prefer live-chat over emails and phones is that their queries are addressed quickly in real-time.

Another key way of building trust among your potential audiences online is to have multiple trust-seals on your website. These seals ensure customers that their critical credit card information remains safe while making a purchase from your website. If a user has doubts about the security of their information, it is likely to bounce, which can affect your potential sales and website traffic adversely.

Provide Promos And Giveaways

You can call it a first time ordering discount, or a store-launch celebratory giveaway – the purpose is to make sure that you engage as many people with your brand as possible. Since not many online users would know about your brand or have trustworthiness over it, giving away free discounts, promos, and even entire products can be a perfect way to lure the potential audience into visiting your website. This will not only increase traffic on your website but will also build domain authority which means that Google is likelier to show your eCommerce site on the top of relevant search results.

Furthermore, research has suggested that free giveaways persuade potential audiences to make repeated purchases. Another benefit it offers to your newfound online store is that people will be able to review the products you offer. You can solicit their feedbacks and showcase them on your website, which will entice other users to purchase the same product from your website.

This is also important because when you establish an eCommerce store, you need to advertise yourself among your core audiences online. This is where expert eCommerce SEO specialists play a role in making your website visible to your online prospects. However, SEO will only bring traffic to your newfound e-store. You need to urge users to take action and make purchases to get your business running, which is why putting up introductory flash sales will help.

This will give your business a temporary edge online as people would prefer purchasing a discount. Furthermore, it will also allow you to get your business going and make new customers, who can later be turned into brand loyalists through exquisite post-sales customer service.

Leading eCommerce SEO services like RapidoLeads recommend offering limited-time discounts and offers, and free giveaways on particular purchases. Coupled with good search engine optimization, it will allow your online website to hit off, which is often the biggest concern for most eCommerce startups.

Optimize Your Content

eCommerce Content Optimization

Once your website has enough collateral to develop trust among customers, you can go on and invest in search engine optimization. Why do you ask? Well, what’s the point of starting an eCommerce business if your potential audiences are unable to find you online?

A lot of startups and established businesses prefer hiring eCommerce digital marketing experts for this part as professionals are better aware of the changing Google algorithms as well as other optimization techniques that help websites index on the top of search results. However, if you plan on undertaking

this part by yourself, we would suggest determining keywords that prospects are using to find your website or that of your competitors’.

There are several tools that can help you in highlighting the best keywords to rank your website against. Remember: the best SEO for eCommerce sites is all about finding the right keywords and then incorporating them smartly in your content.

Once you have determined a list of keywords you want to rank your eCommerce store against, it is time for setting aside a budget for paid marketing. Basically, once you have incorporated the right keywords into your site, you can run ads for your website. The best digital marketing tools will provide you with an estimated reach based on the budget you choose to spend on paid advertisements.

You can also continue without paid ads and rely solely on organic searches, but that will only delay potential traffic or even make it difficult for you to reach out to prospects, which may affect your overall sales and performance. Here’s our expert advice: Either hire the best eCommerce SEO company for optimization or conduct thorough keyword research and increase your ad spend on them so your online store is visible to customers precisely where they are.

Tell Users The ‘Why’ Of Products

A lot of eCommerce stores make the mistake of showcasing different products online focusing on the features and how great these products are. Let’s just clear something here: people are not interested in knowing how great the products you’re offering are. They want to know how those products will actually benefit them.

Make sure that you highlight how the products will benefit a particular consumer as it will persuade the user to make the purchase. Here’s a pro tip: you can also create detailed how-to guides around the product identifying ways to utilize the product in the best manner. By understanding the utility of a product, users are likelier to go ahead and make the purchase as compared to when they are left unaware.

You can embed a how-to video or even write a detailed column title ‘why should you buy it?’ or ‘how to utilize this product in the best way?’ Another alternative for you is to write down the features of a product in a way that highlights its benefits upon use. For instance, instead of writing “a comfortable sole” for a jogger, you may dive into a little bit more detail stating, ‘a soft sole that lowers the impact on your feet during intense workouts, keeping you fit and injury-free.’

Ecommerce digital marketing experts suggest that using keywords while writing detailed product descriptions will also boost your SEO efforts, thereby increasing the traffic on that product page, leading to potentially greater sales. 

Add Time Pressure

eCommerce SEO specialist

Being double-minded is human nature, and the more time we have, the greater chances there are for us to become perplexed during decision-making. For an eCommerce store, this can mean a potential loss of sales. What hurts, even more, is when a user moves through the sales funnel seamlessly, only to abandon the cart at the end.

To be precise, over 75%of users abandon their eCommerce carts due to various reasons. With no time pressure, users are likely to begin comparing your products, which will make decision-making even more complex. It is particularly why you need to put time-pressure, especially when a user has placed products in the cart. You can do that by offering a coupon code or discount which will only remain valid for a few minutes.

It will create a sense of urgency among the user who is likelier to proceed to a checkout sooner to avail that particular discount. This will reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment, thereby ensuring sales for your eCommerce store. As an eCommerce SEO specialist company, we make this part of our web design to include such coupons to trigger quicker action from prospects.

Another similar technique to urge the user to take swift action is to showcase the number of items available in your warehouse. As the number grows smaller, users will take lesser time in checking out in fear of missing out the chance of getting their hands on the particular product in their cart.

In A Nutshell

Setting up an eCommerce store is undoubtedly an excellent decision, however, it is not an easy one to execute. There is a lot that you need to oversee from the web design to seamless purchase journeys and higher search engine rankings, which can be difficult to manage all at once.

It is why RapidoLeads brings you top-of-the-line and yet affordable eCommerce SEO solutions so you don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up an entire online store. For more information on how we can help, reach us at 800-595-7257. You can also fill out this contact form to get a free audit.