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RapidoLeads is an Orlando-based affordable local SEO  services company striving to index your business on  the first page of Google. We specialize in digital marketing services tailored to local SMEs and their larger counterparts.

We house a team of seasoned experts and consultants who have been serving the industry for decades. Our local SEO company has been able to remain on the forefront of digital marketing campaigns, which are coupled with our contemporary optimization techniques to help you build your digital footprint.


We drive results that matter

Our local SEO agency keeps your business on top of the SEO game

through unparalleled SEO strategies that have been refined over the years!

Building Trust Through Executions

Local SEO is no longer about using keywords to rank. You have to make sure that your website and landing pages are optimized to meet Google’s ever-changing algorithms, which is where our expertise comes into play.

To help you build trust among consumers online, we ensure that your websites lands in Google’s good books, literally! Our team of experts continuously monitors algorithms and develop agile strategies through extensive research which is reflected in our executions.

In short, with our local SEO marketing company, you can rest assured that your audiences will be able to find you online with sheer ease and convenience.

Reaching Relevant Audiences

The entire purpose of creating a leading SEO strategy is to reach your relevant audience and that is precisely what our local SEO experts help you to achieve.

We spend a considerable amount of time doing our homework on your business, running multiple keywords researches, and finding out what your prospects are looking for online. Based on this data, our team of experts creates and SEO strategy and targets relevant local audiences for your business.


Ensuring Compliance

Search engines are smarter than ever. They especially give priority to websites with resourceful, authentic, and valuable content. These are some metrics which search engines use to determine your site’s ranking. There is a set of practices which increase the credibility of your site. Inbound links are the benchmark of resourceful content.

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What Is Local

Business Schema

3business schema

Understanding Local Business Schema

Google’s algorithm is ever-evolving. It continues to be more accurate in filtering sites that offer valuable content. Users normally run Google searches and find results that offer exactly what they are looking for with added value. For example, user views.

How is this all managed? A code known as schema is designed to do everything. It tells a search engine “who you are, where you are based, and what services/products you offer.”

Local SEO Website Audit

A local SEO technical audit comprises of the following services

  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Adding Structured Data
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Compressing images and code
  • Robots.txt files
  • URL & Site Structure
  • Cleaning code

Website Audit in a Glimpse


Local SEO services are planned to make sure business information and citations are authentic on a site for search engines to pick up.


Details regarding company’s name, contact number, address, and other information is updated to let search engines verify your information.


Location-specific metrics are applied to deliver results based on which geographical location a search has been done. Users in London will not see listings from New York based websites.

Up to date

Content and citations that are latest and updated maximize search results. Content is optimized with respect to hours and other aspects specific to time.

Using Local Business Schema


Google Maps for Searches

Marketing through Google maps is popular now. Customers are likely to find businesses and recommendations on a map, just to understand how close a certain place in the town? Such searches are carried out on smartphone devices.


Google My Business

We utilize your Google My Business page to include all specific information about your company with logos as well as banner images. Our service makes sure all information on your Google My Business is relevant and authentic. Customers want to make the least effort to reach out to your company, and this is the core objective.


Frequently Asked Questions

about Local SEO

Local SEO marketing strategy is about optimizing your website’s ranking for a local audience.

There’s no set time for it. It can take up to weeks depending on the activities.

Local search engine optimization service comes with core strategies more than the use of keywords which are crucial for better results.

The strategy remains a top-notch recommendation for optimizing your search engine ranking, so it all worth it.

Local citations are locally developed links that customers can use.

Google Maps remain one of the biggest platforms drawing search results from users.

It generally depends on your website, and most customers like to begin with inbound links.